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An e-commerce site to present premium outfits for dogs - from costumes to outdoor clothing 🐶

The name bundog - derived from the Czech name for jacket and, of course, a dog means to represent the playfulness of the otherwise premium brand. Because being premium doesn't also mean being serious and boring.
The owner approached me to build a site that will represent that - emphasize the quality of brands products yet doesn't neglect the human and fun side of the brand and the owner.

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Not an everyday experience

What is the best way to engage people through the whole site, present the brand's message and give them something to connect with the brand? I present to you: Doggo. The brand's mascot is a dog with an earnest expression but dressed as a hippie, which at least here in the Czech Republic isn't that usual.

With the motive of the mascot in the center, I helped Bundog build their brand and offer the visitor a welcoming experience that translates the warmness and friendliness of the people that are Bundog.

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Brand as a community

Bundog is not only about the product - it's also about belonging to a community with mutual interests, a great place to meet new people and maybe even make new friends. We decided to show not only customer reviews but also what people experienced and whom they met with their pets and outfits. This sense of adventure and friendliness became an inseparable part of the brand.

It's kind of a no-brainer that today, the site has to be translated to a mobile view too - it's more than 50% of the traffic today! Given the constraints of a mobile device - smaller screen size, optimization for ease of use, and so on, it wasn't an easy process, and a lot of time and effort went into it. I wouldn't want to sound like I'm bragging, but someone has to be proud of it, right?

Shopping for a specific item

User-friendly environment. For the owner too

And that's almost the end - a few utility pages and hours of optimization for user experience later, and the page is done. Yeah, and let's not forget the reusable pages for new products that can be customized without technical support, so the owner doesn't have to spend money and time on such a simple thing as adding a new product.

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