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Making archeological excavations more than a necessity

For developers, archeological research is an obligation. For the public, the history of the place where they live is intriguing. With Archeo4U, we were trying to bridge the gap between the developer and the public, benefit them both, and make it a competitive advantage for the client.

Excavation of graves

Why even bother?

Based in Prague, Czech republic Archeo4U operates around the capital city and in it. As mentioned earlier developers when building new projects, are required by law to pay for the archeological research if something of value is found. Archeo4U is a well-known company in this industry, so there wasn't a great need to update its web presence.

But the owners sensed that there is room for improvement - not only when communicating with new potential clients, but also when creating future public places. Together we rebuilt the company's online presence so they can better interact with their clients and also connect the public interest with developers.
That way, the developers will have professional assistance when they want to showcase the history of the place, which benefits the future residents, and gives them one more reason to choose Archeo4U for their projects.

A finding of bronze wristbands

Pneumatic tube post and a blog

That's the whole purpose of the site. It has to enable quick and easy communication, so the developers can easily see the company's qualities and contact them.

The other part is dedicated to the public and showing them, what archeology can do for them. Helping them discover the history of their neighborhood. In a blog post format, Archeo4U takes you on a stroll to discover what Prague is standing on. The experience is improved by interactive visualizations of the sites.

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Keep it sweet and simple

Even though Archeo4U is doing something not many archeological firms do, the design itself had to be more conventional. The main focus was the UX - the ease of orientation and getting either the contact info or the information needed as quickly as possible.

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